V.A.M.S. – Victim Assistance Management System

Celebrating our 27th Year of “The Victim Advocates’ Partner”
Excellence in Victim Assistance & Data Tracking




I’m truly impressed with the level of customization and customer service. Hands down the best I’ve ever seen. You’re amazing, thanks so much!

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I give Carolina Crisis Software a AAA for their support. I have never in my 20+ years received the support that Don’s company has given our agency and with the upmost respect regardless of the question or issues.

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VAMS gives us easy access to victim and client information. It also eliminates the need for hard copies of many files.

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CCS victim assistance software is invaluable in accessing victim information quickly. You always have the information you need right at your fingertips.

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It takes about 25 minutes to compile my monthly statistics instead of the usual three (3) days and I am able to track repeat victimizations and provide more timely assistance. I would highly recommend VAMS to all victim advocates.

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VAMS was not what I had originally envisioned as far as aesthetics, but it has already proven to be far more than I had hoped for in terms of functionality. I am not sure how anyone or agency providing victim services could do the best job possible without using CCS and their VAMS software. I have been able to make tremendous strides in getting to a more manageable workload and expect to be able to continue in that direction while also expanding what I can do and maximizing what I can do on VAMS.

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About VAMSVictim Services Tracking

Victim Services Tracking VAMS Victim Assistance Management System Software was researched, written 27 years years ago ‘truly the victim advocates partner’ and upgraded annually or as needed for the victim advocates in the Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Rape Crisis Centers, Coalitions, Bond Court, Law Enforcement, Shelters, Prosecuting Attorney/Victim Witness Agencies. ‘VAMS’ is not written in stone and for the past twenty-three years we have listen to ‘all’ our advocates’ their agencies, continuously fine-turning the software to meet the advocate reporting ‘tailoring’ to your needs. CCSLLC a South Carolina based Company in business to serve all advocates in the USA ‘a victim advocate partner’ and have specialized in the area of assisting the advocate with tracking of victims, suspect/abusers, all services provided to victims and unlimited grant funding sources to victims statistical reporting.

With the growing need for providing better Victim Tracking services to your victims of crime and the ever-increasing paperwork the advocate has on a day-to-day routine, our agencies have found ‘VAMS’ Software to be in-valuable at streamlining their basic needs.

Now that we are beginning our  27
th year of serving the victims of crime community and Internet capability, we have taken this opportunity to give VAMS a NEW LOOK with the latest technology, case victim information imaging abilities, client and case “verbal audio messaging” with VAMS  ‘paper-less’ one click from your desktop and view the case document images, pictures images, verbal audio messages without leaving your work station / e-Mailing clients/court letters and we moved VAMS into the Microsoft Office Professional 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/2021 365 product arena and much more.

The Microsoft Office Products allows the agency to mail merge letters automatically from VAMS using the information retained by each client and their cases. We also have included an annual calendar so each advocate may enter his or hers appointments and notes with instance access to preview advocates schedules or appointments. This will replace sticky notes. Also ‘Wireless Remote Internet & Paper-less Capability’ from ‘court, home or office’. 


Press spacebar to “pause” and “resume” to read all the screens


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VAMS works with Microsoft Office Professional 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/2021 365 products

Available for 32bit and 64bit installations

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  • Client Information
  • Client Counseling Information
  • Client Case Services Provided
  • Court Dates
  • Co-Defendants Information
  • Displaced Homemaker Information
  • Agency/Advocate Defined Tables
  • Client Grant/Funding Sources
  • Brief Phone Counseling
  • Check-off Services Provided
  • Abuser/Suspect Information
  • Victim Advocate Training and Advocate Community and School Presentations
  • Letter Master Mail Merge ‘using client data’, eMail client, court letters automatically
  • Client Pictures
  • Client Case Information
  • Client Case Injury Pictures
  • Unlimited Bond Court Entries and Reasons
  • Shelter Services and Shelter Days
  • Track Volunteer Hours and Services Provided
  • Client Survey Assessments
  • Much, much more…


Victim Tracking services by Carolina Crisis Software LLC

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