1-Year License Key

1-Year License Key



Your VAMS license key will unlock these features:


  • confidential communication between the victim and advocate!
  • allow you to store photos of the clients, suspect/abusers and client injuries!
  • track volunteer hours and services provided!
  • accurately track and report victim information!
  • track case details such as Gang Names and Weapon Types
  • unlimited Grant Funding by client/victim reporting by the latest service date
  • unlimited Bond Court Hearing’s and selected Reasons


  • save days compiling reports
  • automate client ‘victim’ Survey and Assessments Reports.
  • allows the advocate to check-off multiple services provided at one time!
  • allows calendar schedule by advocate!
  • allows victim information at your fingertips!
  • allows suspect or abuser information to be at your fingertips!
  • allows client/case accumulate expenses with services provided!
  • allows tracking client and group education!


  • secure internet connectivity for remote communication
  • allows e-mail to clients and email copies of the client letter to the courts.
  • store client/case verbal audio messages
  • automatically mail merge letters using client, case information!
  • paperless case imaging (copy/paste from white pages)


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