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What is VAMS

What is VAMS?

The Victims Assistance Management System (VAMS), developed by Carolina Crisis Software LLC, is a comprehensive software solution tailored to the needs of victim advocates and agencies serving victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crimes. Here’s a breakdown of its features and capabilities:

  1. Client Information Management: VAMS allows for the efficient management of client data, including personal information, grant/funding sources, counseling records, and case details.
  2. Case Management: It enables tracking of case information such as court dates, abuser/suspect details, bond court entries, co-defendants, and services provided to the client.
  3. Paperless Document Management: VAMS facilitates the storage and retrieval of client notes, case documents, and work papers through imaging capabilities, reducing the need for physical file storage.
  4. Communication and Reporting: The software supports communication with clients and courts via automated letter generation and email functionalities. It also generates reports on client surveys, assessments, volunteer hours, services provided, and agency statistics.
  5. Telephone Counseling and Walk-In Services: VAMS includes features for recording telephone counseling sessions and walk-in services, allowing advocates to provide assistance and track interactions with potential or current victims.
  6. Training and Presentation Tracking: It tracks advocate training, community presentations, and volunteer activities, providing agencies with comprehensive records of outreach efforts.

Overall, VAMS streamlines victim advocacy operations, enhances data management and reporting capabilities, and improves efficiency in providing support services to victims of crime. It has received positive feedback from agencies for its functionality and support services provided by Carolina Crisis Software LLC.